Sea of Silence

Robin Kingsland

“A mountain will tumble and crumble to rock The rock can be ground to a stone The stone wears to pebble, the pebble to sand But the pearl in my hand Forms from one grain of sand all alone…”

Koto the fisherman is suffering in silence. Another person is ruining his life – stealing his fish and destroying his self-esteem – and it appears there is no one who can help him. Desperation forces him to leave behind everything he loves, including his wife Kishima, and escape to the depths of the ocean. In a magical underwater kingdom full of mythical creatures he is challenged by the Sea King to find the fabled Golden Hook.

Koto embarks on an adventure that leads him to discover a precious strength within himself. With new wisdom he returns home to stand up to the tormenter who sought to destroy him.

Robin Kingsland

This original and empowering fairytale is for everyone over 7.