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SASA Concert

A note from the organisers:

We have decided to donate all of the UK concert proceeds to earthquake victims and relief efforts.
We lost thousands of people due to the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Tens of thousands of our people were injured, the survivors lost their homes. We will, with solidarity and kindness, overcome these extremely difficult times. We invite everyone to show solidarity to rebuild and save lives.

Kurdish musician, Sasa will be holding a one-night-only concert performance at the Arcola on the 25th of February. Sasa’s musical style comprises of the Folk music that she grew up with, blended with modern sounds. Sasa’s latest album combines western elements with her traditional interpretations, for example, one track takes the poem “Ağıtlar” by Yaşar Kemal which Sasa has composed in her own style. In another, she takes a folk song from her village, blending it with modern rythmns.

Produced by Hasan Saltık and with contributions from a plethora of talented musicians, the album turned into a river of emotions. The album includes an Erzincan folk song called “Acı Bir Rüzgar Esince”, arranged by Erdal Erzincan, as well as traditional folk songs such as “Uğurlama” by Grup Yorum, “Ali’nin Ağıdı” poem by the Yaşar Kemal composed by Sasa, “Ömrüm Nerede” by Hasret Gültekin, “Nereden Bileceksiniz” by Ahmet Kaya and the most beloved “Şev Çu” by Aram Tigran.