Sane and Sound Opera Company presents

Sane and Sound

by Matt Geer

Director Katie Bunting
Music Director Matt Geer

Sane and Sound is a new chamber opera about schizophrenia, bipolar, major depressive disorder and psychosis.

Based on real accounts of psychotic illnesses and mood disorders, the piece draws upon our relationship towards delusions and hallucinations.

“The historical relationship between a composer and librettist has always been a subject of active interest. For this opera, the text and music were written by the same person whilst two different states of mind, during and after delusions respectively. Like the condition, the music is episodic and like the episodes, the text is unreserved. There are no main characters, no good or bad guys, just you and the voices. Let yourself be schizophrenic, just for five minutes.”

– Matt Geer, Composer and Librettist