Written by Laurence Fishburne
Directed by Bill Buckhurst
Designed by Simon Kenny

Cast Ariyon Bakare, Karl Collins, Eugene O’Hare

‘Director Bill Buckhurst maintains a high level of tension
The Stage

‘Riff Raff is raw and in your face – you don’t want to miss it.’

“Let me tell you something, once you had a taste of
the life, that’s it. Once in the life, always in the life, Mikey…”

It’s Halloween, and half-brothers Mike “20-20” and Billy “Torch” are holed up in an abandoned crack den on the Lower East Side. They’ve got three kilos of smack, blood on their hands and New York’s biggest drug lord on their tail.

With nowhere to turn, Mike calls an old friend from Brooklyn to sort out the
mess. When he arrives and the night draws in, stories are swapped, loyalties
are tested and the bleakness of their criminal lives threatens to envelop them


Alarum presents the UK premiere of award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne’s powerful hit play.