Rebel Bingo

Rebel Lectures, Lecture 1: How to Give Badass Lectures

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There’s an ideas revolution taking place.

But the way we teach hasn’t caught up with how we want to learn. While the entertainment industry pushes the boundaries of technological innovation to engage people in new ways, the way we educate and spread ideas is still in the dark ages.

Some people have a knack of making awesome stuff sound a lot more boring than it is. And what about presentations at work? Is there anything more boring than some dude’s 30 minute powerpoint on sales projections, spiced up with some lame clip-art? Ugh. Cue Rebel Lectures.

Rebel Lectures is an attempt to make stuff feel exciting. We want to bring a bit of show business to learning. Each lecture is one hour long with a 15 minute break. The first lecture will give you tips on how to improve your public speaking and presentation skills. The lectures will be delivered by Freddie “Fortune” Sorensen – experienced public speaker and leader of the world’s most aggressive bingo revolution, Rebel Bingo.

In a nutshell, they’re really intense lectures where you’ll learn some cool stuff, become a more potent person, and have a bit of a laugh.

This one-off production will be performed on the set for Combustion by Asif Khan, designed by Mila Sanders, and directed by Nona Shepphard. Until 24 June.