Political Me: Apology Songs

The Conker Group presents

Political Me: Apology Songs

Political Me: Apology Songs is about avoiding politics for ten long years.

It’s the fear of a discussion, the not knowing what it means, the quandary of how to vote and the hoping nobody notices.


Meet Tara and her little band: one girl on a journey to conquer her fear, a theatrical soiree political meof undersized proportions. There’s confessions and poems, songs and dashing about, and Tara’s saying sorry to all the political issues she’s been too scared to think about since she turned 18.

Funny and raw, personal and messy, this is a cabaret of the everyman for even the most politically shy…after all, it’s about them.


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Sunday 2 February


£10 (£8 con)

Recommended for ages 16+