Queer Tours of London - A Mince Through Time and Arcola Queer Collective

Polari Workshop


Nish the chat and pin back your aunt nells; it’s time to brush up your Polari.

Arcola Queer Collective and ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ host a special ‘50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality – Polari workshop’ with special guests from the Gay Liberation Front.

Ain’t that fantabulosa?

Polari, the gay slang which faded away with the decriminalisation of male homosexuality and the advent of gay liberation, is making a comeback. Polari flourished in the difficult years between the trial of Oscar Wilde and the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. Today as our community continues to evolve – in the cabaret bars, on stage, in bedrooms and in the streets Polari exists to protect ourselves against rising LGBT homophobia, as a vocabulary for talking about our sexuality, communicate on our own terms and as a way of asserting our identity.

“How bona to vada your dolly old eek again”

Entry is by donation. Places are strictly limited so please RSVP to queertoursoflondon@gmail.com or via the booking link above.