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Part of the 2015 Creative Engagement Winter Season

PlayWROUGHT is the Arcola’s week-long festival of new writing. For this, its third successful year, over a hundred new plays were submitted and considered. Now experience twelve of the most exciting stories in live, one-off rehearsed readings.

Featuring established writers alongside riveting new voices, and talented actors and directors from across the Arcola community, this year’s PlayWROUGHT promises to be an unforgettable celebration of daring, ambitious new work.

12 writers. 12 plays. 12 world premieres.

Supported by Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

Monday 12 January at 7pm
Little Armadas by Roz Wyllie
It’s been a godawful day, in a wreck of life, and Lucy wants revenge. But she’s spent her whole life being obedient, compliant and without edges. Because to do anything else would be wrong…right?
Director: Bethany Pitts
Cast: Anna Bolton

Monday 12 January at 9pm
Glassboys by Clare Whitehead
Two young boys meet in a hospital room and are forced to confront not only the reality of their situation, but also their own mortality.
Director: Joanna Grieves
Cast: Angela Bull, Aaron Gordon, Evelyn Lockley and Ryan Wichert

Tuesday 13 January at 7pm
Mona’s Room by Dianna Hunt
After his death, Marcus, a former psychiatric patient, is met by his deceased grandfather Stanley, and escorted back in time to 1964, where he witnesses how his teenage pregnant mother, Pamela, adjusted to life in London having arrived from St Lucia months before Marcus’s birth.
Director: Richard Speir
Cast: Anyebe Godwin, Justin Marosa, Wabriya King, Jerome Millington-Johnson, Ariane Barnes, Kevin Golding, Brig Bennett

Tuesday 13 January at 9pm
Nine by Stephen Laughton
Set over one night, against a hyper-modern online framework based on fleeting moments of connection – a Turkish-Cypriot family are forced to confront the zeitgeist of split personality, the weight of tangential interactions and the consequential fluidity of identity – inherited, online, for real …
Director: Amanda Castro
Cast: David Avery, Desara Bosjna, Daniel Abelson, George Jovanovic, Hayley Kasperczyk, Kelda Holmes, Raad Rawi

Wednesday 14 January at 7pm
What Happens When You Click On It? by Christopher Hogg
The last 20 months in the life of PC David Rathband, told through the vapour trail of data he left online: the blackbox flight recorder of a man’s digital tragedy.
Director: Richard Speir
Cast: Gerard McDermott, Jill Riddiford, David Kirkbride, Ari Phillips and Dean Robert Logan

Wednesday 14 January at 9pm
North Country by Tajinder Hayer
North Country follows three young people over the course of forty years in post-apocalyptic Bradford.
Director: Alex Chisholm
Cast: Michael Cahill, Dina Mousawi, Nima Taleghani

Thursday 15 January at 7pm
A Perfectly Fine Life by Annie Pierce
Zinnia can’t have the baby she wants. Elizabeth offers to be a surrogate mother. And lawyer Anwen does her best to handle everyone’s interests. But when things do not turn out as expected, what is it like to depend on a stranger for what you want most?
Director: Romana Flello
Cast: To be announced

Thursday 15 January at 9pm
Star-Crossed by James Huntrods
Tom is a tutor tasked with helping Jordanian Adnan pass his Shakespeare exam. But a language barrier causes Tom to overstep the boundary of the teacher/student relationship with disastrous consequences.
Director: Jessica Edwards
Cast: Michael Edwards, Junaid Faiz, Jordan Lee, Kirsty Mann and Taniel Yusef

Friday 16 January at 7pm
Property by Catherine Willmore
Posh pad, city boy, hot chick, smash & grab – everyone’s on the make in London these days. Set during the riots of 2011, Property asks why some people seem to get away with almost anything.
Director: Kay Micheal
Cast: Peter Clements, Geoff Arnold, Morfydd Clark, Ken Nwosu, Theo St Claire

Friday 16 January at 9pm
Child Z by Sarah Hehir
Zoe is a teenage girl growing up in a deeply disturbing society. If those paid to protect her aren’t listening, then who is?
Director: Suzette Coon
Sound Designer: Roy Smith
Cast: Hannah Wood, Amanda Reed, John Bradshaw
Recorded Voices: Barry Fentiman Hall and Lydia Finch

Saturday 17 January at 7pm
Love, Bombs and Apples by Hassan Abdulrazzak
A Palestinian actor learns there’s more to English girls than pure sex appeal. A Pakistani-born terror suspect figures out what’s wrong with his first novel. A London youth suspects all is not what it seems with his object of desire. A New Yorker asks his girlfriend for a sexual favour at the worst possible time. This is the comic tale of four men from different parts of the globe experiencing a moment of revelation.
Director: Rosamunde Hutt
Cast: Asif Khan

Saturday 17 January at 9pm
Recreation by Jerusha Green
Recreation follows a community of characters whose stories intersect as they weave their way through a Manchester park: each of them grasping at something that is, once was, or will be lost.
Director: Debbie Hannan, in collaboration with Etch Theatre
Cast: Sophia Carr-Gomm, Theo St. Claire, Jack Wilkinson, Rhys Warrington, Valerie Gogan, Mike Noble, Vivienne Bell, James Marchant

To see a detailed synopsis and writers’ biographies, please download the full programme.

Monday – Saturday evenings at 7pm and 9pm
All tickets £6 – See two readings for £9 using the code: 249

Recommended for ages 12+
Running time: 90 minutes approximately for 7pm shows, 2 hours approximately for 9pm shows. No interval.
In Studio 2, seating is unallocated.
Please note that this show is not eligible for booking with Arcola Passport.