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A week long celebration of new ideas, new voices and new writing.

The word wright is an archaic English term for a craftsman or builder. When combined with the word play, this indicates someone who has wrought words, themes, and other elements into a dramatic form, someone who crafts plays.

PlayWROUGHT is a week long new writing festival taking place at Arcola Theatre from the 20th-25th January 2014. Across the week, twelve exciting new plays will premier as a series of rehearsed readings. Drawn from across the Arcola community, these twelve playwrights vary in age and experience, but each have a unique voice that deserves to be heard.

PlayWROUGHT was born out of a frustration at not being able to work with as many new writers as we would like. At Arcola Theatre, we receive countless submissions from playwrights every year. Without a literary department, we are unable to be as active as we would like, particularly in developing those plays which show real promise, but would benefit from time, space, support and a platform to share their work.

The Festival is a culmination of this unique development process and aims to celebrate and support new and emerging talent, regardless of age, by providing these twelve playwrights with the training, space and support in which to develop their ideas.

We are delighted to present twelve new daring, original and important voices.

Full programme of plays to be announced soon.
Part of Arcola Creative Engagement Winter Festival 2014

The programme at a glance

Monday 20 January 7pm BROKEN WATER by Michèle Winstanley

Director: Phil Davis

Cast: Sheila Reid, Pippa Haywood, Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Jim Fish

9pm BEVAN’S BABY by Rosie Dastgir

Director: Maud Dromgoole

Cast: to be announced

Tuesday 21 January 7pm ST GEORGE’S DAY by Georgina Burns

Director: Neil Sheppeck

Cast: Mark Leeson, Jack Bence, Sarah Winn, Michael Shon, Jessica Symonds and Elizabeth Hammond

9pm CLARION by Mark Jagasia

Director: Kay Michael

Cast: Paul Leonard, Bernice Stegers, Will Barton, Simon Dobson, Daniel West and Danusia Samal.

Wednesday 22 January 7pm THE SCHVITZ by Nick Cassenbaum

Director: Matthew Evans

Cast: Allan Corduner, Mark Fleischmann, Danny Braverman, and Olly Hawes

9pm OUT by Erol Hunt

Director: Erol Hunt

Producer: Lara Doree

Cast: Justin Segal, Martin Behrman, Ruth Rogers, Rayanna Dibs, Jonathan Milshaw, David Wayman as “Jason”

Thursday 23 January 7pm WHAT FLOWS PAST THE BALTIC by Liam Shannon

Director: Neil Bull

Cast: Rachel Dale, David Barnes, Nigel Fyfe, Chris David Storer, Emma Burn, Nathan Lang, Natalie Ann Jamieson and Phil Yarrow

9pm LAND’S END by Chloe Todd Fordham

Director: Andy Sava

Cast: Matt Ingram, Julia Watson

Friday 24 January 7pm SHERRY AND NARCOTICS by Nina-Marie Gardner

Director: Yael Shavit

Cast: Lucy Ellinson, Michael Colgan

9pm CRACKED by Mark Sands

Director: Kate Saxon

Cast: Paul Ready, Michelle Terry, Daisy Ridley, Elliot Cowan, and Ayesha Antoine

Saturday 25 January 7pm THE LAST SIGN OF LIFE by Henry Martin

Director: Cathal Cleary

Cast: Justine Mitchell, Paul Hickey and Cillian O’Donnachadha

9pm HELLO HELLO by Jenny Williams

Director: Alice Williams

Cast: Toby Manley, Natasha Jacobs

To see a detailed synopsis and writers’ biographies, please download the full programme [here](

Monday – Saturday 7.00pm and 9.00pm

All tickets £6