Pennyworth Productions

Pennyworth presents: PEN

Pennyworth Presents: PEN, a new writing night showcasing politically motivated work curated by award-winning company Pennyworth Productions. PEN aims to create a national network of artists making political work, be that new writing, comedy, music, spoken word or performance art. Following two previously sold-out shows at Arcola Theatre, PEN is back for more!

All plays featured on the evening will be at varying stages of creation, classed as CHALK, PENCIL or PEN.
CHALK: An artist has a brilliant piece of political work, but so far it hasn’t had an audience – Pennyworth allocates a director and a cast for the evening.

PENCIL: Projects where some of the team are already in place – Pennyworth sources additional creatives to facilitate a collaboration.

PEN: Pre-existing artists and pieces that are ready to go!
Whether you are watching an established piece or a bud of an idea, these stories will shout loud and be a call to arms.

This one-off production will be performed on the set of Not Talking by Mark Bartlett. Designed by Zoe Spurr, and directed by James Hillier. Until June 2nd.