Kristina Arakelyan presents

Penelope: Seven Ways to Wait

Music by Kristina Arakelyan
Words Helen Eastman

(Work in Progress)

In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope was left behind as her husband disappeared for war and adventure. As she waited, she weaved – creating by day, and frantically unpicking by night.
In this new opera we meet seven women who are waiting, in different times and places and for very different things.
In a fast-paced world, can waiting be a heroic act? A creative act?
This collaboration between composer Kristina Arakelyan and librettist Helen Eastman, with Ukrainian mezzo-soprano Anna Starushkevych, weaves its way from Greece to Ukraine, 5BC to a 1913 suffrage meeting, and work-out videos to 16th century witchcraft.
Join us as we explore seven ways to wait.

Penelope: Seven Ways to Wait is part of Grimeborn Opera Festival 2022. Explore the full programme →

  • Running time: 1 hour