Peter Knowles

“We’re separated. That’s the relationship. We relate to other people by ignoring them, by becoming separated and becoming ourselves…I can’t tell you how to cope with it all. I don’t know how. I’m not trying to tell you. You’re on your own. I’m trying to say goodbye.”

Bashir and Esme unwittingly break into the same house. As they confront each other, bantering their individual uncertainties, the owners emerge from the shadows to play out a devastating parallel story…

This powerful first play from Peter Knowles is an intense meditation on silence and communication, on barriers, fear and the possibility of freedom.

Peter Knowles

Anthony Lamble’s recent design work include The Roman Actor (RSC), Sing Your Heart Out for the Lads (National Theatre – Loft), Herons, Mother Teresa is Dead (Royal Court)

Mehmet Ergen is the artistic director of the Arcola Theatre.