When Im writing articles, Im not scared at all. Im on a high. Its such a rush. The fear comes later.

Sri Lankan brothers Lal and Lasantha dare to publish stories that others wont touch, but at what cost? Meanwhile, in Mexico Lydia uncovers a child pornography ring involving senior politicians, Elena has a run in with the Moscow mafia, Amira reports direct from the Israeli-occupied territories and Zoriah comes up against the US Military over his Iraq war images.

Combining searing verbatim testimony with dramatic reconstruction, On the Record circumnavigates the globe to bring you true stories of six independent journalists, all linked by their determination to shed light on the truth. Exploring human rights through performance, this is iceandfire’s fourth production.

iceandfire presents
By Christine Bacon and Noah Birksted-Breen

Director Michael Longhurst
Designer Chloe Lamford
Video Designer Ian William Galloway
Sound Designer David McSeveney
Lighting Designer Anna Watson

Cast: Nathalie Armin, Paul Bhattacharjee, Michelle Bonnard, Kika Markham, Selva Rasalingam and Trevor White

A production by Michael Longhurst that is at once succinct, shocking and wryly funny.
★★★★ The Times

Theatre at its best… Michael Longhursts direction is exemplary

Sobering and heartening… Michael Longhurst is blessed to have among his cast Paul Bhattacharjee as Lal Wickremantunge and the ever-dignified, ever-committed Kika Markham as Hass
★★★★ Financial Times

Impassioned … a vital play for grubby times.
★★★★ Evening Standard

Christine Bacon and Noah Birksted-Breens play cannot fail to fascinate

The timing of this production from iceandfire, theatres answer to Amnesty International, could hardly be more felicitous
The Guardian

The acting is impeccable throughout… Michael Longhursts direction is slick
The British Theatre Guide

The acting (particularly Paul Bhattacharjee as Sri Lankan Editor Lal Wickremantunge and Nathalie Armin as Mexican human-rights activist Lydia Cacho) is excellent
Time Out

A refreshing contrast…. rich insights and shocking imagery
The Stage

Post Show Panel Discussion – Monday

PR and Propaganda: When journalism becomes churnalism – Mon 8th Aug, 9pm
An opportunity to hear from one of the real-life journalists in the play
A conversation between Christine Bacon, Artistic Director of iceandfire and co-writer of On the Record and Zoriah Miller, photojournalist and one of the ‘characters’ in On the Record. Unfortunately, Nick Davies, who was confirmed for this event has had to cancel, as the Guardian has sent him urgently to the US to investigate Murdoch’s operations there.

Please Note: Post show discussions are open to all ticket holders for that evenings performance.

iceandfire gratefully acknowledges the support of: Lottery, Scott Trust, Jerwood, Open Society, Brook Trust, Esmee Fairbairn, Unity Theatre Trust and the Hollick Family Charitable Trust, Index on Censorship, National Theatre Studio & Network for Social Change.

For more information on iceandifre please visit www.iceandfire.co.uk

The Writers and Director – On The Record