Aimie Taylor

Once Upon A City…

In the North of the City, a Princess has a huge dilemma. She has many splendid and hilarious jokes which she has practiced to perfection, but everyone in the palace is either too busy or too serious to laugh at them. In desperation she sets off into the vast city to see if there is anyone out there who loves jokes as much as she does.

Join us in this interactive storytelling session, Once Upon A City…, as we follow the story of one brilliant princess in her journey from the North to the South of the City to meet another, equally brilliant princess.

Bring your imagination and your best jokes with you so we can build the story together, creating unexpected twists, eccentric characters and magical moments. Expect puppetry, shadow play and hilarious jokes as we head off on a storytelling adventure together for 4-7 year olds and their grown ups.

Performances at 11am and 2pm on Friday 16th Feb. The show will be followed by a shadow puppetry workshop.


About Amie:

Amie is a storyteller and theatre maker with 12 years experience in making work for and with children and young people. In 2015 she launched her company The Shadow Makers (@TheShad0wMakers) and since then has developed her shadow puppetry and puppetry practice, delivering shows and workshops across the UK.