My Funny Valentine…a tapestry of Greek Love Songs

Rebetiko Carnival 2016 presents a night of Greek love music in the Arcola Bar!

As the tempestuous storms of love thunder down on the country, sweeping some off their feet, but crushing others, join us as we celebrate… or commiserate together.

There is nothing a good Greek love song cannot fix!

A concert for all to enjoy… those who have found love and those who lost it. Fill you evening and heart with a selection of the most beautiful songs praising love’s beauty and others cursing its fickle destructive nature.


Rebetiko Carnival 2016

Rebetiko is the music of an urban sub culture called “Rebetes”. It emerged in Greece in the 1920s, but is a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece,  Asia Minor, Ottoman modal art music, Byzantine chant, and cafe music. The music expresses the pain and suffering of the people at the time, through war, poverty and incarceration, as well as other deeply felt sentiments and aspects of everyday life. Although the bouzouki is the instrument which has been mostly associated with the music, the rich tapestry of influences in the music has been coloured by the many different instruments used; oud, kanun, violin, accordion, guitar.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016 celebrates this amalgamation of cultures, and instruments by bringing to the people of London a whole month of music, workshops, seminars, puppetry, and exhibitions.


Please note that seating arrangements are ‘cabaret style’ with around 50 chairs similar to a jazz club. Seating will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so we recommend an early arrival. Table reservations are not possible.