By Bryony Lavery
Directed by Catrina Lear

‘And so, walking beside a dead man
I enter the tomb. The doors close.
Everything is black.’

What the British Museum didn’t tell you…

When the first Emperor of China died, he was buried in the most magnificent tomb the world has known. The outer chamber of the tomb, as we know, holds his Terracotta Army. The inner chamber, which we have yet to excavate, is said to conceal the skeletons of thousands of men and women who were shut in to die so that they could serve the Emperor in his afterlife.
A tale of life, death, sex, art and cannibalism: this is the untold story of the Emperor’s concubines who have borne him no sons, as they accompany his body to the underworld.

Cast: Eugenia Caruso, Caroline Daniel, Lydie Emerson, Sandy Foster, Jenny Harrold, Philip McGinley, Judith Musil

**** (four stars) ‘dynamic, inventive and charming… a production to feast upon’ What’s On Stage

Presented by UndertheBed in association with Round Pebble and Jasper Britton