Curated and produced by James Huntrods and Isabel Dixon

Miniaturists 75

Short plays by Karen Cogan, Laura Horton, Tilly Lunken, Ben Schwarz and Nathan Lucky Wood

Small but perfectly formed since 2005

The Miniaturists is the regular curated writer-led event dedicated to bringing you short, exhilarating, perfectly formed plays. Each show is packed with work from an exciting array of new and established playwrights all of whom see the short play as a form in itself rather than a means to an end.

October’s writers are:
Karen Cogan
Laura Horton
Tilly Lunken
Nathan Lucky Wood
Ben Schwarz

We love the short play format and believe that a play in miniature can deliver a sucker punch like nothing else. We also like to think the mix makes for a night as unpredictable and varied as life itself…and we’ve been making short work of it since 2005!

“Just because something’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Or experimental, or poignant or thought provoking. For proof of this, look to the Miniaturists” – Natasha Tripney

The Miniaturists is curated and produced by James Huntrods and Isabel Dixon.