Metamorph’s ‘Picked + Mixed Plays’

Join us for a night of new writing as Metamorph Theatre presents its autumn programme of ‘Picked + Mixed Plays’. From the bittersweetness of tragedy to the fizzy tang of a biting satire, we have something for everyone.

Seven shows, two devised and five scripted, all hand-picked from over one hundred and eighty applications. Stick your hand in the proverbial paper bag of Metamorph, and get a taste of seven different pieces of theatre all in one night!

The shows, in no particular order:

Thursdays Child is a dark comedy following the rebuilding of Anne’s life through her dealings with Lilian, the good-hearted resident of a care home, and the forbidding Mr Jameson who lives alone in his flat.

Written by Clare Campbell-Collins

Directed by Ava Pickett

Anne – Emily Waters

Mr Jameson – Jeremy Gagan


Do It For Her is a short play about a family – mum, dad and their toddler daughter – going out to the beach one summer’s day as three, and only coming back as two.

Written by James Elliott

Directed by Esme Claire

1 – Kate Reid

2 – Daniel Reid-Waters


2022 Christmas eve, after an economic meltdown, and with an ultra-nationalist government in power, it is now illegal to be a Muslim. Two immigration officers process the last case of the night, a young woman with a baby has been detained trying to cross the border.

Written by Colleen Prendegrast

Directed by Tian Brown-Sampson

Selwa Dewan – Faye Weerasinghe

Gower – Marco Young

Colquhoun – Helen Belbin


Sideways Momentum is a monologue written and performed by Metamorph regular Sam Wilson chronicling twists and turns, ups and downs of one man’s desperate descent into alcoholism.

Written and Performed by Sam Wilson

Directed by Jamie Woods


The Luncheon is a two hander encompassing a series of devised, scripted and improvised sketches that take place over a single lunch, this bizarre and quixotic piece is an ever changing comedy that continues to grow.

Created and performed by Luis Amália and Kace Monne


The Playground by Richard Walls is a darkly comic adaption from the Ray Bradbury short story. Susan and Charles are divided parents in this breakfast time extract, debating the simple issue of some playground play, but are things as simple as they seem?

Written by Richard Walls

Directed by Siar Kanik

Susan – Anna Hawkes

Charles – Joshua Stretton


Remember, Remember devised and created by Theo Ancient and Jack Condon- Two friends, whose lives are heading in different directions reunite at the seaside town in which they grew up. As a buried past surfaces, ‘Remember, Remember’ questions whether or not we should always face up to our mistakes. How much the past influences the people we become, and whether we’re defined by our wrongs or our accomplishments… Forgive or forget?