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A night of traditional Kurdish music.

Mehmet Atlı is a well-known Kurdish musician and songwriter, an architect, and an author. His music venture began in the 1990s with the famous Kurdish band, Koma Denge Azadi, a prominent band who were quite political in their tone and in 2002 they parted, and he continued as a solo musician. His repertoire is mostly in Kurdish, Kurmanci and Dimili dialects and Turkish songs, containing his own songs and covers of traditional folk music. He usually plays the guitar, lute and baglama on stage with his team and sings his favourite songs, with wide appeal that is distributed to a large audience.

With his former band Koma Denge Azadi, he released two albums and four solo albums. He has taken part in various collective album projects. He has also composed music for a range of short films, sitcom shows and theatre plays. He has performed in festivals, took part in TV and radio programs, and held concerts in many parts of Kurdistan, Cyprus, Turkey and Europe. Mehmet Atlı is innovative in his field with the compositions he has created from poems and traditional folk music covers. As well as the songs he wrote himself, he has covered many songs in his distinctive style, from the legendary musicians of Kurdistan, including Aram Tigran, Mihemed Sexo, Mihemed Arif Cizrawi and Ayse San.
Albums: Jahr (2003), Wenda (2008), Birin (2014) & Mori Mircan (2020)