MADE IN HACKNEY – Arcola Writers: Ozdemiroglu, Davis and Miller

Three weekends
Nine writers
30 minute plays
Made in Hackney.

Each weekend will feature three plays by three of Hackney’s best playwrights. These complete, short works are the culmination of the Arcola Writers’ Group workshops, and are dedicated to honing the talents of writers from a range of backgrounds and abilities.

This weekend we have the works of Ece Ozdemiroglu, Benjamin Davis and Charlie Miller.

By Ece Ozdemiroglu
Director Sandra Theresa Buch

Some things are not said, because we don’t know what to say; others because we don’t know how to. But said they must be.

Cast: Samantha Bloom, Esin Harvey, Matt Odell, Patrick O’Hallloran

By Benjamin Davis
Director Bruce Guthrie

In 1932, the poet and musician Ivor Gurney languished in a mental asylum in Dartford, almost ruined by shell shock, with only the imaginary Ludwig van Beethoven for company. Then Helen Thomas came to visit with her well-thumbed maps of Gloucestershire. A tender tale about the byways of madness, loss and love.

Cast: Jamie Ballard, Laura Rogers

PEOPLE ARE STUPID: *A Political Memoir*
By Charlie Miller
Director Tyne Rafaeli

With an election looming and crime figures on the rise, the Prime Minister decides it’s time to throw conventional politics out the window. But will the man chosen to implement his revolutionary new strategy be able to leave his ideals behind and embrace a new world where the truth doesn’t matter?

Cast: Matthew Spencer, Danny Kennedy, Kirsty Besterman