MADE IN HACKNEY – Arcola Writers: Cuddon, Dos Santos and Wilkinson

Three weekends

Nine writers

30 minute plays

Made in Hackney.


Each weekend will feature three plays by three of Hackney’s best playwrights. These complete, short works are the culmination of the Arcola Writers’ Group workshops, and are dedicated to honing the talents of writers from a range of backgrounds and abilities.











This weekend we have the works of Sarah Cuddon, Matthew James Wilkinson and Marcelo Dos Santos.


By Sarah Cuddon
Director Rebecca Adamson

In an English coastal village full of second home-owners, a couple down from London for the weekend find themselves drawn into the eccentric world of George. Orphan and bon vivant who made his money in Russian banking and later on the Stockmarket, George’s luck is the envy of anyone searching for wealth, happiness and a way out.

Cast: Siobhan McMillan, Jim Mcmanus, Alex Bartram

By Marcelo Dos Santos
Director Des Kennedy

“Everyone’s looking at me dancing and I want everyone and I want everyone to have me. To tear me up and eat me.” Ollie wants it all. Mark’s tired of it all. Ben’s new to it all. A dark comedy about love and other forms of masochism.

Cast: Chris Urch, Phil Matthews, James Haymer

By Matthew James Wilkinson
Director Destiny Ekaragha

Middle-aged Gary learns a lesson from the streets when he becomes the de facto Community Service Officer for wayward asbo-youth Bev. She tags the streets, writing on the urban landscape, whilst it’s Gary’s job to keep the suburbs graffiti free. He did have a yearning once though, for a different kind of expression – and as they drive the midnight streets together, painting the night white, does Bev bring a little piece of that… back to the surface?

Cast: Danielle Vitalis, Ken Christiansen