LUX – The Wayward Canon with Giles Round

A film and intermittent video art screening that transcends into a purgatorial nightclub.

Simon and the Radioactive Flesh uses Louis Bunuel’s 45 minute film of an ascetic, Simon, a devotee of Simon Stylites, who proclaims his faith through standing on a column in the desert. The devil visits on several occasions to lure him from his duty, eventually succeeding in transposing him to purgatory; an existential beat nightclub in 1960’s New York. In this reworking of the original film, each time the devil appears the narrative is interrupted by the insertion of a contemporary video art work. The interruptions continue throughout the film until finally we too are spatially interrupted, finding ourselves in a parallel to the purgatorial nightclub setting of the film’s last dance, Carne Radioactivo (The Radioactive Flesh).