Arcola Queer Collective

Little Prinxes : New Short Plays

Lydia Cawson, Alexis Gregory, Damien Hughes, Bex Large and Phil Rhys Thomas.

Directed by: Ross Crosby, Lynette Linton, Claire O'Flaherty, Amy Stratton and Thomas Wright.

An afternoon of original short plays inspired by The Little Prince.

Inspired by the themes and story of The Little Prince The Arcola Queer Collective presents five new short plays written, directed and performed by members of the collective. First performed back in February as rehearsed readings the work is now restaged and fully realised as a collection of short plays that challenge, provoke and inspire conversations on relationships, family, power and love.


They Sat There and Talked by Damien Hughes
Directed by Ross Crosby.
Performed by Leo Wan and Tamir Pettet

And Where There Once Were Two by Alexis Gregory
Two twinless twins arrange to meet one evening to discuss their pasts, present, future, fast food and dietary requirements.
Directed by Lynette Linton.
Performed by Alexis Gregory and Rubyyy Jones.

Perfume and Stale Cigarettes by Lydia Cawson
Directed by Claire O’Flaherty.
Cast to be announced.

Handle With Care by Phil Rhys Thomas
Clare wants Jonny. Jonny wants Lolu. Lolu wants freedom. HANDLE WITH CARE considers the objects, people and places we value in life, and what it’s all really worth.
Directed by Amy Stratton.
Cast to be announced.

Claire by Bex Large
Directed by Thomas Wright.
Performed by Sheena Anyanwu.