Golden Idol Productions presents

Life With Oscar

by Nicholas Cohen

Directed for the Arcola by Cressida Brown

Life with Oscar is a darkly comic confessional rollercoaster ride through Hollywood.

Nick flies to Sunset Boulevard, staying with an Oscar winner promising to get Nick nominated…If he follows instructions…

Actor/Filmmaker Nick Cohen relives his desperate Hollywood years – a tragicomic true-life ‘Sunset Boulevard’, living as a permanent guest on Sunset with a double Oscar-winner; a man who worked regularly with Orson Welles, promising to get Nick’s film nominated. Life with Oscar upends La La Land in a confessional rollercoaster ride through its dark, twisted underbelly.

A frenetically physical retelling, featuring 29 different characters, from the man who modelled the Oscar trophy itself to the psychopathic producer’s daughter destined to be Nick’s ‘mystic bride,’ we go from Edgware rd. to Hollywood and back again. Accompanied by fragments of films past and present, scored with layered compositions by Jon Ouin and the cinematic direction of Nicholas Pitt, this show is a hilarious and moving confession.

A Faustian tale of pre #MeToo Hollywood, where predators and victims are sometimes hard to distinguish, or one and the same. A deepening spiral of desperation, delusion and debt littered with metaphorical, and occasionally, real, corpses.

Content Warnings: Swearing, Drug References, Sexual References, Suicide References, Adult themes

Praise for Life With Oscar:

★★★★★ “Cohen is a theatrical and comedic genius.. A One-man army... This is a must-see”Broadway Baby

★★★★★ “Will keep you laughing 60 minutes...Physical theatre in its pure form: energetic, intimate and powerful”The Broad Online

★★★★ “Cohen knows exactly how to pitch the script and holds the audience from the start to the redemptive finish. He turns nightmare situations into rich comedy”The Reviews Hub