Kim 2.0: Work in Progress

Written by Janet Etuk

Directed by Janet Etuk

boys start, like, slowly circulatin’ round us gals like we’re fuckin’ prey or somfin, ready to pounce…and I’m jus finkin…oh my god…DIS IS IT! ANY MOMENT I COULD LOSE MY GRIND-GINITY!

Meet fifteen-year-old Kim.
She’s our hero.
Join her as she battles her culture’s rules of femininity in an all girls secondary school.

Kim 2.0 was first selected for the ‘Writers On Hold’ festival in 2020, an online event developed by the critically acclaimed Alchemist Theatre Company and created to celebrate up-and-coming plays. This one-woman comedy has now been reimagined for the stage, examining the nature of feminine sexuality and what is learnt and assimilated through teenage-hood.