KARAGOZ – The Magic Tree

Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre


Enter the magical world of The Magic Tree, a brand new and adaptation of the classic Karagöz tradition of storytelling.  Shadow puppets, music and light play bring this mythical tale to life using the authentic instruments of Karagöz – ‘nareke’ and ‘def.

Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre brings the timeless Karagöz myth to modern audience and offers a wonder introduction to this ancient art. The Magic Tree, has been performed all over the world for almost 10 years. 



Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre was founded by Cengiz Özek in 1986.  Their first production was ‘Dünyayı Sev Yeşili Koru – Love the Earth, Protect the Green’, a play which was based on the shamanistic sources of Karagöz. His last creation, a black theatre project, ‘Benim Küçük Yıldızım – My Little Star’ was a huge success in Istanbul.

Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre produced its first modern interpretation of Karagoz with ‘Çöp Canavarı – Garbage Monster’ in 1998 the same year the first Istanbul International Puppet Festival is organised by Cengiz Özek.


Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre