Islands of Women

a concert of live music, film screenings, spoken word

with Alice Albinia, S!nk, Full of Noises, Mettje Hunneman, Flora Pethybridge and Hilanderas.

The concert brings together S!nk, a trio of multi-instrumentalists from Edinburgh; Mettje Hunneman, a prolific video artist hailing from Amsterdam’s dynamic art and VJ scene; Alice Albinia, award-winning author of The Britannias: And the Islands of Women and the novel Cwen; Full of Noises, a recording project based in the Isles of Scilly; and various performers, to explore creative collaborations, ancient and modern ideas of female independence, island mythology, music, image and words.

Alice collaborated with S!nk and Mettje Hunneman whilst in Orkney, and Full of Noises whilst in Scilly, and the concert is a live improvisation between her two books, their two albums, and two films, Mettje’s Resonance’, and ‘Zenae’ made with the artists Rose Gibbs and Léonie Hampton.