INSOMNIA weaves strands of physical and musical storytelling, leaving it up to an audience to decipher… (more)

or simply to enjoy the actions and inventions as the performers’ ongoing excuses to stay awake.

“Two girls are fighting sleep; or trying to find rest on the stage they enter.

Maybe they are merely two sides of one person seeking the necessary harmony between collaboration and opposition.

The balance between conflict and unity keeps them awake, whilst also being chased through fragments of dreams. The piano man is the one who pulls the strings.”

Tage Larsen

“The music is like a calculated (but accidental) character that both follows and leads the dramatic movements or the lyrical pictures of this surreal story, it resembles schizophrenic (wanna-be) sonata form bouncing between styles and even genres. The piano is forced to suffer the life of percussion and the piano player turns into a set design. “They both” desperately try to be taken seriously and they may be one day…. in another story.”

NIkola Kodjabashia



Director: Tage Larsen

Composer: Nikola Kodjabashia

Lighting Designer: Stuart Glover



Irene Cioni

Mia Theil Have

Nikola Kodjabashia


Thank you to COS for costumes.


INSOMNIA is directed by Tage Larsen from renowned Odin Teatret in Denmark and created by international Riotous Company, founded and led by Mia Theil Have, who performs in INSOMNIA with dancer maker Irene Cioni and composer Nikola Kodjabashia, known as one of the most eminent representatives of the Balkan and East European musical avant grade.

Riotous Company creates large scale performances and chamber pieces with a collective of associate musicians, dancers, actors, writers and visual artists worldwide. Riotous Company’s work has been created in collaboration with leading companies and festivals in South Africa, Cuba, Nepal, Palestine, Denmark and UK since the beginning of the company’s activities in 2007.