An Arcola Academy Presentation

British journalist Maria Vargas is posted to the war-torn country of Illyria to interview the wife of the country’s dictator but quickly finds herself pulled into a world of darkness, violence and torture.

The beautiful and lyrical play by award-winning playwright, Bryony Lavery, explores the horror of war and it’s ability to corrupt the human heart.


Once famous for beautiful
green green woods.
Once music.
Once beautiful dancing
famous for war.”







Arcola Academy presents
by Bryony Lavery

Directed by
Owen Calvert-Lyons
Designed by Alice Hoult


Archie Backhouse
Rowan Thomas Clift
Lily Cooper
Wayne Cox
Venessa Howell
Barney Iley-Williamson
Mariama Jassey
Buddleia Maslen
Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore
Priscilla Ogefere
Dexter Pletts
Holly Seymour
Zehra Yas


image: Blair Wightman