by Samantha Wright

A highly imaginative play, by turns macabre, mysterious and shocking, acclaimed on its premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Festival where it was nominated for a prestigious Fringe First Award:


“Little children aren’t supposed to want to hurt their Mummies and Daddies….are they?”



“Few men would deny feeling a little queasy about the woman’s power to hatch life, and the child’s potential to usurp its father. This new play is a chilling exploration of that Oedipal paranoia . . . Alex Palmer’s Griff is a fine portrayal of misdirected rage, while Juliet Cowan is superb . . . as notable for its humour and restraint as for its mounting tension and gruelling climax. The dissection of a malodorous area of male psychic anatomy is not only brave, but carried off with remarkable acuity.

Andrew Burnet, The Scotsman  ««««


“. . . must rank as one of the most disturbing pieces of drama at this year’s Fringe . . . Hush is dark, complex, edgy theatre performed with startling honesty . . . at times excruciating to watch, but I urge you to do so. Gripping stuff. Unmissable!  «««««


“…a convincing and disquieting play… as audaciously different as it is disturbingly engrossing…”

 Metro  ««««


“Excellent production . . . Juliet Cowan and Alex Palmer are spectacular . . . deeply upsetting, but utterly riveting”

ThreeWeeks  ««««


“Hush announces the arrival of Canadian Samantha Wright as a really promising new playwright . . . enough reality underlying it to be terrifying . . . utterly believable.

British Theatre Guide  ««««



Director: Donnacadh O’Briain

Producer: Andy Jordan

Designer: Alex Marker

Composer: Helen Caddick

Lighting: Chris Corner

by Samantha WrightSamantha Wright has won several awards for excellence in playwriting in Canada. In 1999, she was invited to join the Tarragon Theatre’s playwriting’s unit, an honour periously extended to such promising canadian artist’s as filmmaker Atom Egoyan (the Sweet Hereafter) and playwriter John Mighton (Possible Worlds). She is a memeber of Foresite, a new writing collective, and her play Bunkers will be featured in their upcoming festival Doing Lines at the Pleasance Theatre in May. Stitched, a play she was commissioned to write for Rough Cut Theatre Company, will premier this August at the Edinburgh Festival. Hush was written upon the tutelage of playwright Simon Stephens. It received a rehearsed reading at the Royal Court’s new writing venue, The Site, under the direction of Donnacadh O’Briain.