Hotel Medea is a trilogy that runs from
midnight till dawn.


A provocative new interpretation of the dark revenge myth of Medea. With an original sound score by DJ Dolores. Hotel Medea is situated between homeland and exile, suspended in time, between the cruelty of the night and the sobriety of the day. By choosing to stay awake we insist on life and resist death.


Part 1: Zero Hour Market is the setting for the meeting and marriage of Jason and Medea, which transforms into the savage battle ground for the Golden Fleece. Together with Brazilian rhythms and live music the company create a frenzied maze of blood, food and dance.


Part 2: Dry Lands is a harrowing and hallucinatory voyage through the landscape of Medea’s mind, lost in time and locked in obsession she wreaks revenge. Set in a post modern wasteland where essential desires go unsated and communication technology only gives the illusion of intimacy whilst defining absence.


Part 3: Feast of Dawn – As first light approaches Medea and the Maid are finally alone. In the aftermath a new side to Medea emerges and it remains to be seen whether she can leave without the maid’s forgiveness.


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Photography by Allan Titmuss