HOTEL MEDEA – from midnight til dawn

Hotel Medea is back! Developed, updated and on tour – if you couldn’t get a ticket at the Arcola last year and can’t catch it in Brazil this spring, don’t miss it this July in its site-specific reincarnation as part of LIFT, starting from the North Greenwich Pier (formerly the QEII Pier) at the O2.

A provocative interpretation of the dark revenge myth of Medea, running from midnight till dawn with a live sound score by DJ Dolores.

Hotel Medea is an overnight production in three parts. Tickets are available for Part I only (11.00pm – 1.30am) or the complete triology (11.00pm – approx 5.30am).

Part I: Zero Hour Market: The Meeting and Marriage of Jason and Medea performed to a live DJ set. A maze of blood, food and dance turns into a frenzied battle for the Golden Fleece.

Part II: Drylands: a post-modern wasteland. Live documentary, hot chocolate and CCTV cameras add a fresh perspective to Jason’s betrayal.

Part III: Feast of Dawn: a harrowing voyage through the landscape of Medea’s mind with paparazzi chases, burning brides and a twisted game of hide and seek.

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Tickets for Part I only go on sale in June.

What people have said about Hotel Medea:

“The theatrical version of bingeing on absinthe”
Time Out

“Hotel Medea is more, much more than a theatre show – a truly shared space”
Total Theatre

“Uncannily powerful”
The Guardian

“Forget the usual dose of heavy melodrama: this boundary-smashing adaptation of ancient classic Medea will have you clubbing till dawn, taking a nap then chatting with the performers over breakfast.”
The London Paper

“Seeing Hotel Medea will alter your perceptions about the medium of theatre and its potential for engaging and involving audiences. Unforgettable.”
Songlines Magazine

“This play consumes its audience in their most vulnerable, tired state, making for a terrifying but unforgettable experience.”

“Medea’s performance is superhuman, painful to watch, granting catharsis as tangible as an arrow to the heart. It’s exhilarating but most definitely unsettling, as this is just the sort of entanglement with primitive forces that the trilogy warns us about.”
The Londonist

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This video contains scenes of Hotel Medea and may be unsuitable for younger viewers