Rhiannon Tise

A young asylum seeker is murdered. Gina adds flowers to his shrine everyday. Her ex-boyfriend wants her to forget the dead intruder. Jack has seen too much

Y touring has previously commissioned and produced many contemporary playwrights including Judy Upton, Judith Johnson, Sara Clifford, Jonathan Hall and Nicola Baldwin.
Rhiannon TiseI always notice the bouquets of flowers left on pavements, railings and barbed wire fences that mark the spot where someone has died. These flowers aren’t tended to and they rot away until all that’s left are polythene containers with dead, headless stalks poking out of them. These dead flower shrines were the starting point for Headstone. May ideas developed further after a visit to Easterhouse, in Glasgow, following the murder of an asylum seeker on the estate.” “It is encouraging to see a new generation of writers and performers willing and able to deal with the 21st century issues, Y Touring does it very well. “
The Scotsman