Emerge Production House presents


By Eleonor Schumann

Directed by Roxane Cabassut

Tomato Soup. A Jenga game. A passionate love story born in a bohemian style bedroom on top of a Notting Hill tower.
How could it all go wrong? An accidental murder in a supermarket? Or on a train platform? When two cops, Tom and Jerry, break into James and Monya’s flat on an early morning, their lives change forever. But when will the truth be revealed?

HAYFEVER is a dark comedy that explores how living by different cultural rules can eventually alter feelings and alienate you from a country which you thought you were part of. Are love and care always enough when someone has to overcome traumas from the past?
In this production, the audience members will decide the actors destiny, zooming into any character’s inner feelings, requesting a monologue, a song, a “Feelicalise” at any time of the show.

Content Warnings: Contains sexual references and references to sexual violence, violence on stage, swearing, there is use of haze, strobe and live music. This is an interactive show and some actors will interact with audience members.