bread&circuses in association with Arcola Theatre

Something Inside So Strong

Directed by: Viv Berry

“The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become.”

Uplifting, surprising and witty, Something Inside So Strong is a bold new musical based on the songs of singer, songwriter and poet Labi Siffre.

Created with young people and inspired by Siffre’s activism as a gay, black Londoner, it tells an unflinching story of friendship, love, family and celebrity.

Written and produced by bread&circuses’ award-winning theatre maker Danny Braverman (Wot? No Fish!!), it features the full range of Siffre’s work, from gentle love songs like ‘It Must be Love’ to stirring anthems and upbeat dance numbers.

This workshop production, directed by Viv Berry and choreographed by Sheron Wray and Dena Lague, unlocks the often-overlooked perspectives of a diverse group of 14 to 25 year olds. The result is a moving and important new musical which explores the resilience of young people through the music of one of the UK’s greatest living songwriters.