Eros and Psyche / Quys and Laila

Please note that these operas are still in development. This performance is a work in progress, all tickets will be £12.

A double-bill of love stories from Ancient Mythology, two short operatic pieces which explore similar themes and reach into the past for their characters and stories. Quys and Laila, (often known as the Arabic Romeo and Juliet), is set in the rich, yet restrictive society of the modern Middle East. Eros and Psyche is set in the 50s as female emancipation begins.


Composed by Kirsten Morrison

Libretto by Buffy Sharpe

Eros and Psyche is based on the old Greek characters of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche (his wife) and set in the 1950’s long after the original myth finishes… they have now been married for some time…

In this production, we explore the timeless theme of love; from early infatuation, to the thrill of forbidden love, to the humdrum, abiding love that grows between two people who chose to spend a lifetime together. Shown through the feelings and words of Eros and Psyche as they sing to themselves, argue with each other and yearn for a modern woman who narrates the piece and who they are both a little in love with.



by Danyal Dhondy
Vocal music by Fleur De Bray

The tale of Quys and Laila is a timeless tragedy of undying love. It has been told in many guises and many languages, across continents and centuries. Our version, set in modern Dubai, explores through contemporary operatic language themes of social status, wealth, patriarchy, repression, and the many forms that love can take.


Fleur De Bray
Alistair Sutherland

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All tickets: £12