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Miika Hyytiäinen

Directed by: Jaakko Nousiainen

Aikainen [ˈɑikɑinen] = Finnish for early, about time

We all know what time means. We think that we are able to describe what time is. But can we explain it? “What is time?” is one of the central philosophical questions since Seneca.

There is a strong connection between time and music. To recognize a melody as a melody instead of a single tone, the mind needs to carry it through time. This is where Aikainen begins: as a collection of remarks on and techniques of manipulation, in the shape of an experimental music theatre. In order to capture as many facets of time as possible, the different parts of Aikainen vary in style and language.

Time is the precondition for experience and no experience is conceivable outside of time. We all have the dirty dust of time on us. We all are aikainen.

Expect to be entertained – it’s going to happen a lot during the five acts: Aikainen is a treat for avantgarde lovers and technology enthusiasts. It features 3D-printed ocarinas, a walk-in score in the shape of a mobius strip, a 3D-video with the mythological Norns sung by Finalnd’s leading opera singers, such as Anu Komsi, performance art and the whole spectrum of the human voice.

[Miika Hyytiäinen]( is an innovative composer, constantly breaking the rules of how things are usually done. Although just graduated from University of Arts, his pieces were already shown in Berlin, Tokyo and Helsinki; with an installation at Glyndebourne coming up this October.
In his point of view, the composer is also there as a performer: Experience his live composing, the ensemble plays some parts prima vista

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Photo by Ulf Büschleb
Monday – Wednesday at 7.30pm – £15 (£12 concessions)