Great Apes

Will Self

Directed by: Oscar Pearce

“I want my life back now. Feel human again. Homo erectus.”

When Turner Prize-winning artist Simon Dykes wakes up one morning after a wild night out, he finds his world has changed beyond recognition. His girlfriend, Sarah, has turned into a chimpanzee. And to his horror, so has everyone else. Immediately rushed to hospital, Simon is taken into the care of charismatic radical psychiatrist Zack Busner and treated for being under the psychotic delusion that he’s human.

Great Apes is Will Self’s hilarious, disturbing and dazzlingly original take on man’s place in the evolutionary chain.

This raucous new stage adaptation from Patrick Marmion (The Divided Laing) mixes razor-sharp language with movement and puppetry, journeying into the mystery of what it means to be a human being.


“Planet of the Apes meets Nineteen Eighty-Four … humorous, gripping and provocative.” – The Guardian on Will Self’s novel

“Prodigiously original and very funny” – The Observer on Will Self’s novel


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Are Human Beings Overrated?

Join Will Self, Mark Rappolt and Timandra Harkness in a free panel discussion hosted by Dr Wendy Earle.
Saturday 7 April, 5.30pm – 7pm

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Jeannie’s Theatre Conversations

There will be a free post-show talk with playwright Patrick Marmion with Jeannie, from Arcola’s community.
Saturday 24 March, after 3pm matinee performance