JJ Bibby

Directed by: Robert Chevara

“The international art-pop vanguard.” – Art Forum

“A disco debutant loved for his erotic moodiness.” – Berliner Zeitung

“Remember the name well, [Alexander Geist] is making a big noise.” – Star Magazine

“Before his untimely death, Geist was already a superstar in the making. Spoken of with the same reverence as artists like Henry Kühler and Genevive Montreal, had it not been for the fatal car crash, he would have undoubtedly become one of the world’s most celebrated performers.” – Nick Cumin, “Geist Reich: A Biography”

The legacy of musician Alexander Geist, has long held an enigmatic appeal for music lovers and conspiracy theorists alike. In Geist, filmmaker Imogen Hampstead (The King, Alabama Road) attempts to put together the pieces of the puzzle that made up his extraordinary life. Using archive material, newly discovered footage, and conversations with those closest to Geist, Hampstead attempts to take an unflinching look at the man behind the myth. But are there some tales best left untold? Can skeletons like these ever be forced back into the shadows? Or will secrets truth find their way out into the light, regardless of the cost?

A new multimedia performance piece, Geist, is a beguiling mixture of video, interview, and original music, an uncanny trip into a world of paranoia and personae. Part Film Noir, part pop concert, the piece proposes a cinematic new language for theatre as it explores the ruthless ambition, excess, and revenge which demarcate our cultural landscape.

Directed by multi award winning director Robert Chevara (Vieux Carré and The Chorus Girl Plays). Written by La JohnJoseph (Boy in a Dress, Everything Must Go). Produced by Lara Clifton.