Arcola Youth Theatre

Future Tense – AYT

Devised by Tuesday and Wednesday AYT

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master” – Christian Lous Lange

Technology, social media, interconnectivity; it’s all supposed to bring us closer together. So why is it tearing us apart? And what does the future look like through the eyes of young people, who have never experienced a world without these ‘modern conveniences’?

Arcola Youth Theatre (13-15) explores the places technology might take us – the advances, the perils and the pitfalls – in a science-fiction journey from the minds of the generation that understand technology best.

Tuesday AYT presents (DIS)CONNECT
Wednesday AYT presents DREAM 2084

Gemma Rogers (Tuesday) & Charlotte Croft & Laura Dredger (Wednesday) direct.

Part of Creative/Disruption 18
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