Arcola Queer Collective

Fine and Dandy

Sue Frumin

Directed by: Jonathan Richardson

“Meet Ernest/Ernestine Faigele Fine, a singer of cheap ballads and weary tunes, inventor of the worst magic acts in history, a clog dancer of no particular skill and a wandering Jew at the turn of the 20th Century…”

Jewish refugee Ernest Faigele Fine has many a trick up their sleeve – if only they could manage to master them.

On an epic queer journey from the Pale of Settlement, through the seaside boulevards of northern England and the fields of northern France, will Ernest and Dandy the aspiring male impersonator find fame and fortune in the New World?

Encounter sailors, clairvoyants, impresarios, soldiers, sweatshop workers and Ethel the snake in this dazzling story about finding home, by writer and queer theatre legend Sue Frumin.

Jonathan Richardson (The Fems, Camden People’s Theatre/The Glory, and House of Idiot) directs the Arcola Queer Collective in a show which blends music, drama, circus and music hall.


Part of Creative/Disruption 18
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