film: NORDRAND (Northern Skirts)

Written and Directed by Barbara Albert

As violence tears the Balkans apart, two teenagers are forced to find safety in each other. Though safe in bustling Vienna, Tamara is still alone. Her family lay besieged in Sarajevo whilst her military boyfriend spends more time with his comrades than with her. Falling pregnant, she stumbles upon her old friend Jasmine waiting at an abortion clinic.

Awards include Nina Proll for Best Actress and a nominated for the Golden Lion at the 1999 Venice Film Festival; Best Debut Director and a nomination for the Bronze Horse at the 1999 Stockholm International Film Festival and a nomination for the Fassbinder Prize at the European film Awards.

Nina Proll
Jasmin Schmid
Edita Malovcic
Astrit Alihajdaraj Senad
Tudor Chirila Valentin
Michael Tanczos Roman

Produced by
Fama Film AG
Lotus Film
Zero Film GmbH

Screened with the kind permission of First Hand Films.