Exploring Lorca

A Series of Rehearsed Readings

In addition to the main stage productions, Arcola Theatre will also be presenting a series of rehearsed readings by and about Lorca in order to celebrate the man and his work.




A Series of Rehearsed Readings


Wednesday 16th August
The Shoemaker’s Wonderful Wife by Federico Garcia Lorca
Directed by Dan Barnard

This delightful short play, subtitled ‘a violent farce in two acts’, tells the story of a shoemaker driven to leave his young and flirtatious wife.  He is at the mercy of predatory rich men and gossiping neighbours until a mysterious traveller arrives with a strangely familiar story.


Thursday 17th August
The Ghost of Federico Garcia Lorca Which Can Also be Used as a Table by Peter Straughan
Directed by Jennie Fellows

Lorca returns to the world as a ghost and explores key moments of his life, including his relationship with Salvador Dalí, his work in the theatre and his casually brutal death. A witty, moving and theatrically innovative play that won the Alfred Bradley Drama Award.

Friday 18th August
The Butterfly’s Evil Spell by Federico Garcia Lorca
Directed by Rachel Briscoe

This play, Lorca’s first ever, tells the story of a village of insects who made love with a pure and simple pleasure until an irresponsible poet filled their heads with romantic ideals. Boybeetle is courted by the rich and beautiful Sylvia, but when a wounded butterfly is brought to the village he loses his heart and hopes of happiness.

Saturday 19th August
Lorca in a Green Dress by Nilo Cruz
Directed by Andrew Steggall 

An incredulous Lorca arrives in purgatory and his fellow inmates perform a series of scenes from his life to discourage him from returning to the world of the living. A poignant and poetic play from Pulitzer prize-winning Cuban-American playwright Nilo Cruz, whose Anna in the Tropics received great acclaim at Hampstead Theatre in 2004.

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