Intermission Youth Theatre Presents


Devised by the company, based on the world of Shakespeare

Join us for a season of exciting theatre at the Arcola Theatre as we celebrate 15 years of Intermission Youth. Witness the most exciting young people’s theatre company with witty and original productions that will leave you speechless. As Mark Rylance said, “Intermission Youth Theatre is the most exciting young people’s theatre company I have ever witnessed.”

Intermission Youth presents EXCLUDED!, a powerful new play that will take you on a journey through the world of Shakespeare while raising current issues facing young people in education.

Miss Portia, a teacher who is trying to get her Year 11 students through their GCSEs, has an unruly class to get in line with Hamlet grieving his father, Othello accused and Isabel given no say in her fate. This isn’t an ordinary class – the students are iconic characters from Shakespeare’s plays and as tensions rise, will Miss Portia steer them clear of an act of violence that could change their lives forever.