Vertebra Theatre Presents

Electra Untitled

Based on Electra by Sophocles
Adapted & Directed by Mayra Stergiou

Dance, puppetry and visual storytelling reconstruct her story, which she owns and rewrites through the lens of female gaze. 

Electra becomes a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression.

The performers transform the stage to retell the ancient myth and address Electra’s archetype to its core researching a feminist re-looking of the character and the tragedy as a whole. Electra Untitled adds a modern twist to an old narrative and brings forward the role of women who provoke change in times of hostility and dissolution.

The project aims to raise awareness on the trauma of domestic violence and to create imaginative and inclusive spaces for and with communities of women and the LGBTQI+ community to share stories of collective empowerment across the UK and abroad.

‘Electras of the World’ comics exhibition: we will be co-hosting a comics exhibition along with our performance which was previously held at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation in Athens, and audiences will get the chance to enjoy free of charge.

★★★★ “Even within the solemn and tragic sense of the play, being infected by laughter seemed inevitable.”North West End UK