By Sebastian Michael

“The whole cast give delightful and sensitive performances in this beautifully
written play…I was held and touched throughout… this is not a play
that preaches. It works because it seems so natural and honest and is so enjoyable
to watch.”

The British Theatre Guide

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“This compelling, funny, intense and thoroughly entertaining play
is brilliantly directed by Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh…The plot is complemented by marvellous acting, creative use of studio space and a clever set… this is a must see production!”

Live at Your Local

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“The Buddha of Suburbia meets Brideshead Revisited in a very modern
retelling set in multicultural London… An enjoyable evening’s entertainment
with well-written comic scenes, fluid direction from Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh
and engaging performances led by Nila Aalia as the kind of aunt any Mormon or
Muslim would love to have.”

The Stage

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Elder Latimer is here to talk about the truth.

But when the young Mormon lands in London fresh from the States, his world of absolutes starts to crumble. He falls in love with Dina, a young Muslim who’s even more convinced of her faith than he is of his, and so questions of love, truth and faith take on a whole new meaning. While he is beginning to see things in the new light of a new city, Dina’s determination to do what she knows is right has no limits.

Can love conquer all? Can reason?

Find out more! The Elder Latimer… YouTube channel is your chance to go behind-the-scenes of this world premiere. Click here to hear the cast and creative team talk about their experiences and everything involved in bringing this play from the page to the stage.

Nila Aalia Ella
Zina Badran Dina
Richard David-Caine Qasif
Rob Heaps Jaden
Steve Nicolson Tom

Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh Director
Moritz Behrens Designer
Richard Lambert Lighting Designer
Geoff Widdowson Sound Designer
Andras Kovacs Production Photographer

Made possible with the support of Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain and Victorinox.