Alexander Raptotasios for Ferodo Bridges

E8Eh: The Vacuum Cleaner

Vicky Kyriakoulakou and Kat Redstone


by Vicky Kyriakoulakou and Kat Redstone

No set. No costumes. No celebrities…especially NO Keira Knightley. Not even endorsed by Dyson. The worst show you will see at the fringe…probably!

An absurdist, honest and courageous piece exploring the relationship between performer and audience.

A play that pushes the boundaries as to what we expect from theatre and how we watch theatre as an audience. Absurdly funny and surprisingly moving, The Vacuum Cleaner was developed in an abandoned courtroom in Blackfriars to create a piece which embraces and explores failure, where limitations flourish into possibilities. A mischievous and fresh meta-theatrical venture which dares you to look a little closer…


The Vacuum Cleaner by FerodoBridges at 3Space blackfriars was amazing! Cheeky, edgy & talented cast with a superbly crafted show.” To Do List ★★★★★

“If you are interested in contemporary, honest theatre about the limitations of performance and the truths held in any artwork, this could be for you. a funny and quirky piece that is sure to make waves when it moves to the Edinburgh Fringe.” Alan Perkins, [Weekend Notes](


Tickets: £14 (£12)

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