Arcola 50+

Dissenting Adults

Devised by the Company

Directed by: Jessica Amery and Nicola Hollinshead

“I am the effin Post-Brexit Universe. All I got to sort out now, is how to reverse time, back to 2016 when it all went, arse upwards.”

We are between two worlds, and the world that hasn’t yet been created is on the horizon. Never more so than at this point do we need to create and make manifest the ‘other world’.

And so, we start:

We start from the cracks, the fissures, the rents. We start from being angry and lost, because that is where we live, that is where we are. Perhaps it is a strange place to start, but we are looking for a strange thing. We are looking for hope in a dark night.

– John Holloway, Crack Capitalism (2010)

In the face of turbulent times, Arcola 50+ present a new devised production that attempts to explore the stories behind the headlines and the stories at the intersection of politics and our lives.

Led by directors Jessica Amery and Nicola Hollinshead, come and meet our Dissenting Adults who have something to say, now.


Part of Creative/Disruption 18
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