A b*spoke theatre company production

Dinner With Groucho

Written by Frank McGuinness

Directed by Loveday Ingram

Two men, together, on the edge of heaven. In a strange restaurant, two American giants who revere each other, Groucho Marx and T.S.Eliot, meet for dinner. Both in their own ways great defiant spirits, they create magic and anarchy, revealing secrets and sorrows. The evening is presided over by the Proprietor, who seems to control the workings of the universe. Or does she? In Dinner With Groucho, all is revealed. Or nearly so. From the award-winning writer of such iconic plays as Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me and The Factory Girls comes this fast-paced fictional dinner date like no other.

Photography by Barry McCall ©
Background image is a detail from T.S. Eliot by Ida Kar © National Portrait Gallery, London.
Cast Ingrid Craigie as Proprietor
Ian Bartholomew as Groucho Marx
Greg Hicks as T.S.Eliot