Pan Productions


Directed by: Katharina Reinthaller and Baris Celiloglu

Paulina is out for justice. Tortured for years by a military junta, a chance encounter with Miranda, her tormentor, gives Paulina the opportunity to confront her past, but is she entirely innocent? Is it possible to obtain “justice” without becoming a perpetrator?

First seen at the Royal Court Theatre at the close of Pinochet’s regime, Ariel Dorfman’s masterpiece forces us to question what is the legitimate way to get even.

N.B. This will be a Turkish language production, with English surtitles. 


Paulina adaletten uzak… İşkencecisi Miranda ile karşılaşma şansı ve kendi geçmişiyle hesaplaşma firsatı yakalar… Fakat Paulina ne kadar adaletli olabilir ve ne kadar masumdur? Suç işlemeden adaleti sağlamak mümkün mü?

İlk gösterimi Royal Court’da gösterilen, Ariel Dorfman’ın baş yapıtı bizi adaleti sağlamanin meşru yolu nedir sorusunu sormaya zorluyor.

This one-off production will be performed on top of the set for Richard III by William Shakespeare, designed by Anthony Lamble, and directed by Mehmet Ergen. Until 10 June.